By its nature, a field trip to Fauntleroy Creek entails being around the water and, if you go to  Fauntleroy Park, being in the woods. To help students exercise due caution, we ask that you

   - brief both students and chaperones about conditions they can expect and what to wear.

   - secure parent/guardian permission slips, including permission to be on private property if
     you plan to come to the fish-ladder area.

   - enlist enough adults for student age, number, and special needs. Ensure that each student
     with a learning/cognitive disability or physical limitation has an adult partner.

   - bring a first-aid kit.

   - establish and maintain behaviors that respect all participants and the environment. We
     provide few but firm "rules" to keep people and habitat safe; you provide any discipline
     necessary for infractions.

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Getting Here
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