On May 29, watershed volunteers Dennis Hinton, Judy Pickens, and Pete Draughon led the last of 16 release field trips. Here are the numbers:
562 students, preschool through seventh grade
14 schools (two split their students into two releases)
2,512 coho fry released in Fauntleroy Park

The total release number includes 500 fry reared by volunteer Jack Lawless for schools not involved in the Salmon in the Schools program. Two schools that usually release did not schedule a field trip this year. One would have released some of the 500 "volunteer" fish. The other would have released Salmon in the Schools fish and those are included in the release total.
The fry will stay in the creek about a year, growing into fingerlings and then smolts, ready for saltwater.

News from Fauntleroy Creek
Coho fry jumping against her hand elicit a big smile from West Seattle Elementary student Eqra Mahamed. She and fellow fifth graders helped care for the fish as they grew from eggs and learned about salmon life cycle, culture, habitat, and stewardship. Photo courtesy Tara Slinden