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Welcome to the Fauntleroy watershed website - the closest thing to being here on the West Seattle peninsula, Seattle, Washington, USA. On these pages, you'll find details about the watershed's major natural features - Fauntleroy Creek and Fauntleroy Park - as well as information about our education program and all manner of other things. Enjoy your visit!
News  THE EYES HAVE IT  |  On Jan. 5, children at 14 schools received 2,700 coho eggs to rear for release in Fauntleroy Creek as part of the Salmon in the Schools program. The eyed eggs came from the state's Soos Creek hatchery in Auburn.  Students will have age-appropriate assignments to care for their fish as they hatch into alevin, then transition into fry. Teachers and tank volunteers will also help them learn about salmon biology, habitat, water chemistry, and the importance of salmon to Pacific Northwest culture and commerce. Releases of fry into Fauntleroy Creek will take place in May.
Fauntleroy Watershed Council Meeting
Thursday, March 10, 7 PM 
Fauntleroy Church 
All are welcome!

Westside School second-grade teacher Margie Carpenter starts coho eggs on their way. Photo courtesy West Seattle Blog.

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