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Fauntleroy Watershed Council Meeting
Thursday, March 12, 7 PM @
Fauntleroy Church. 
All are welcome!

What proved to be the last of this year's coho spawners came into Fauntleroy Creek on Oct. 31, bringing the total to 19. Because several females came without mates, salmon watchers recorded spawning behavior at just three locations.

Approximately 190 people visited the spawning reach to see what they could see and learn more about salmon behavior and habitat requirements. Volunteers hosted two "open creeks" that focused 90 of those visitors on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Fish biologist Steev Ward will be monitoring the spawning locations in late January/early February to see if fry emerge. Each redd could contain hundreds of fertilized eggs. Every egg that hatches and every fry that survives to swim freely will bring new and welcome life to the creek.

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