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Late October/early November is typically spawning season on Fauntleroy Creek, when mature coho come back to fresh water to start the next generation.

Warm ocean conditions the past two years have killed much of the food coho need.  As a consequence, the number of coho returning to Puget Sound was very low last fall and is expected to be low again this year.  Our annual salmon watch will start with just a couple of watchers, then ramp up if the no-fish prediction proves to be wrong.

The traditional drumming to call in spawners will be Sunday, Oct. 30, 5 pm at the fish-ladder viewpoint.  Do plan to come because, this year more than ever, any coho out there need to know they're welcome in Fauntleroy Creek.

Welcome to the Fauntleroy watershed website - the closest thing to being here on the West Seattle peninsula, Seattle, Washington, USA. On these pages, you'll find details about the watershed's major natural features - Fauntleroy Creek and Fauntleroy Park - as well as information about our education program and all manner of other things. Enjoy your visit!
Fauntleroy Watershed Council Meeting
Thursday, November 10, 7 PM 
Fauntleroy Church 
All are welcome!

Photo: Last year's salmon callers in action.  Courtesy Dennis Hinton

Calling the Salmon Home
Sunday, October 30, 5 PM 
Fish-Ladder Viewpoint!

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