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Welcome to the Fauntleroy watershed website - the closest thing to being here on the West Seattle peninsula, Seattle, Washington, USA. On these pages, you'll find details about the watershed's major natural features - Fauntleroy Creek and Fauntleroy Park - as well as information about our education program and all manner of other things. Enjoy your visit!
On March 15, volunteer monitor Dennis Hinton found the first coho smolt leaving Fauntleroy Creek for saltwater. Unfortunately, debris from heavy rain the night before killed the 5" fish. Daily checking of net traps in the upper and lower creek is sometimes not often enough when smolts move in such strong flows.
The traps, constructed and maintained by Steev Ward, will stay in until late May to document how many "teenage" coho the creek has nourished and protected to be ready for their two years in saltwater.
Fauntleroy Watershed Council Meeting
Thursday, May 12, 7 PM 
Fauntleroy Church 
All are welcome!

Photo: Signs in Fenton Glen ask visitors to avoid the area where the upper smolt trap is positioned. Courtesy Peggy Cummings

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