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Welcome to the Fauntleroy watershed website - the closest thing to being here on the West Seattle peninsula, Seattle, Washington, USA.

On these pages, you'll find details about the watershed's major natural features - Fauntleroy Creek and Fauntleroy Park - as well as information about our education program and all manner of other things. Enjoy your visit!

Fauntleroy Watershed Council Meeting

Thursday, November 13, 7 PM @
Fauntleroy Church. 
All are welcome!

Fishers are beginning to bring in large numbers of coho, portending a robust spawning season. A good year is forecast for Puget Sound in general, perhaps Fauntleroy Cove in particular. Fishers at Pt. Williams (Colman Pool) have been hooking coho for a few weeks.

High tides of 11' or more begin toward the end of October, making the spawners' passage from saltwater into Fauntleroy Creek easy after the first big rain of fall flushes the creek.

In anticipation of having spawners to count, planning for Salmon Watch 2014 is under way. The watch will start Oct. 27 with veteran watchers, then open to new volunteers at the first sign of fish.

To get on the list, email judy_pickens@msn.com or call 206-938-4203. You'll get an email if/when we see fish and training during your first watch.