The first two smolts have been documented leaving Fauntleroy Creek. Volunteers Steev Ward found the first in our soft trap in the lower creek, closely followed by Dennis Hinton with the second, on March 27 - the first day of annual trapping. This monitoring to see how many leave the creek for saltwater will continue through May.

Welcome to the Fauntleroy watershed website - the closest thing to being here on the West Seattle peninsula, Seattle, Washington, USA.

On these pages, you'll find details about the watershed's major natural features - Fauntleroy Creek and Fauntleroy Park - as well as information about our education program and all manner of other things. Enjoy your visit!

Fauntleroy Watershed Council Meeting
Thursday, May 14, 7 PM @
Fauntleroy Church. 
All are welcome!


Who we are
Our recent record day of rainfall was a reminder that the rainy season isn't over. Spring rains force Fauntleroy Creek into overdrive and are a major challenge for the coho that live there.
Because of the likelihood of heavy spring rains, we hold off releasing fish reared through Salmon in the Schools until May, when we expect 21 visits by school groups to Fauntleroy Park to put their fry in the water.
If you see a drainage problem during or after heavy rain, call the Seattle Public Utilities drainage hotline: 386-1800. You may leave a report at anytime for fast action by the city.